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Success Stories

My 25+ years of experience as a Brampton criminal defence lawyer have taught me that success stories are the result of a thorough process, an analytical attitude, hard work, dedication and compassion. Nothing makes me happier than giving my clients the well thought out defence they deserve – and ultimately, the outcome they need in order to return to their normal lives.


"He saved my job."

Mr. Jonathan, thank you very much for the case you fought for me.

Your price was fair, the work was great and you saved my job.

- S. Singh, Brampton

"The police were lying – and Jonathan proved it."

Jonathan Lapid analyzed my case inside out and backwards.

And in the end, he won by proving that the police were lying.

- R. Jaram, Brampton

"He helped me get on with my life."

I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t hire Jonathan. I have my whole life ahead of me, but being convicted of my charge would have changed all of that. Jonathan had a fair price, a good payment plan and he won my case. Now I can go back to school and get on with my life. This lawyer is amazing.

- D. Salvi, Hamilton

"He exercised the Charter of Rights."

As the CEO of a major international corporation, it was important for me to find the right candidate to defend my son’s Over 80 charge. When we attended at your office, my instinct suggested that you were the right man for the job … my instinct was correct. I’m not sure what you filed with the court … something about the Charter of Rights … but it sure got the Crown Attorney to drop the charge very quickly… Thank you so much.

- Moxny (Father), Oakville

"My case had to be thrown out."

I am so glad I chose my lawyer based on experience. When the Crown offered a super deal the night before my trial, Jonathan thought something was fishy and advised me to reject it. I was very concerned, but nonetheless I listened and I couldn’t be happier that I did. The next day in court, the police officer did not show and the case had to be thrown out. Now, I realize how important a good lawyer can be.

- B. Ria, Mississauga

Succes Stories

When it comes to DUI and impaired driving charges, cases tend to be intricate and widely varied. No case is exactly the same as another because there are numerous elements and circumstantial details that must be taken into consideration. While I approach every case differently, my primary goal always remains the same: to achieve the successful outcome my client desires.

Collision with another driver – B.F. (Brampton)

Charge(s): Operating motor vehicle while disqualified by a conviction on a charge of Over 80

Facts: The client was operating a car and became involved in a collision with another driver. The other driver was the only person to witness the client as the driver of his vehicle.

Consequences: Jail, 14 to 60 days.

Result: Jonathan Lapid delayed the case on several occasions based on deficiencies caused by the Crown Attorney's Office. Ultimately, the Crown Attorney's Office lost contact with the critical and material witness. Charges were withdrawn.

Car onto curb – D. Ramsey (North York)

Charge(s): Impaired / Over 80

Facts: The client mounted a curb but only blew low readings of 100mgs% and 90mgs%.

Consequences: Standard for first offence.

Result: Jonathan Lapid filed a toxicological report with the Crown Attorney's Office and identified a number of difficulties in the Crown's case. The Crown agreed to negotiate a withdrawal of the criminal charges in favour of a Highway Traffic Act Offence of Careless Driving. The client suffered no suspension whatsoever and no criminal conviction

Erratic driving and failure to stop – J. Singh (Brampton)

Charge(s): Impaired / Over 80

Facts: Very bad driving, which involved weaving from lane to lane and failing to stop when instructed to do so by the police. The client blew extremely high readings of 290mgs% and 280mgs%.

Consequences: Lengthy suspension and jail time due to 3 previous convictions for drinking and driving.

Result: Jonathan Lapid was able to adjourn the case on several occasions based on circumstances relating to court administration and failure by the Crown Attorney's Office to provide full and timely disclosure. On the fourth trial date, the material witnesses failed to attend. The Crown advised the court quite properly that this matter had somehow fallen through the cracks of the overburdened court system. The client was denied his day in court, but was rewarded with a complete withdrawal of all charges.

Refused to provide a breath sample – A.S. (Etobicoke)

Charge(s): Refusal to provide breath sample

Facts: After being involved in an automobile accident, the client was given several opportunities to provide a sample of her breath and was unable to do so.

Consequences: Same as if convicted on a charge of Impaired Driving or Over 80

Result: Jonathan Lapid demonstrated to the judge that the client never refused to provide a breath sample either by verbal statement or some gesture. In fact, the judge found that the client was making genuine efforts to provide a sample and only failed to do so because of a medical condition, which turned out to be an injury around and inside the mouth area resulting from the motor vehicle accident itself. The client was found to be innocent, and the charge was thrown out.

Executive with very high readings – D.S. (North York)

Charge(s): Impaired Driving and Over 80

Facts: The client was a Chief Executive Officer for a large advertising company.
He blew readings of 460mgs% and 460mgs%.

Consequences: He was facing jail time that would have devastated his life both at home and at work

Result: Jonathan Lapid was able to sit down with the Crown Attorney at a formal pre-trial meeting
and work out a negotiated deal that would keep the client out of jail.