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You’ve been charged with DUI in Brampton.

Whether it’s an Over 80 mg, Impaired or Refusal offence, you find yourself trying to deal with the aftermath of a charge under the criminal code. You lead an admirable life, but you made a mistake – one mistake that, if mishandled, may just cost you your licence, your job, your travel, your life…

Does this one slip-up make you a criminal? No!
Does it put you in a good position to fight your case? Yes!

I am a Brampton criminal defence lawyer with expertise in DUI charges, and for over 25 years, I’ve been successfully defending people just like you in courts throughout Ontario.

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Arguably the most critical DUI advice you can be given is this…

Remember, you’re innocent until proven guilty. There is one important fact in your favour: drinking and driving cases tend to be extremely complex and they have numerous rules governing the prosecution as it tries to substantiate a case against you. In other words, in order for you to be sentenced, the Crown must prove all aspects of your file beyond a reasonable doubt. What you may not know is that there are many potential defences to impaired driving charges – and if applied correctly and shrewdly, just one can have your case dismissed entirely.


You owe it to yourself to hire the very best Brampton legal counsel you can find. Put in the necessary time upfront to interview, evaluate and assess criminal attorneys in Brampton who might be able to help you. Make phone calls. Send emails. Pick the brains of trusted DUI experts who know what they’re talking about. And ultimately, choose the person you want in your corner.


Once I’m hired, I begin by walking you through your options. As part of the DUI advice I provide, I explain in detail why pleading guilty is not in your best interest and why you should ultimately make the decision to go to trial. After working with hundreds of clients, I understand intimately that you are nervous, apprehensive and fearful about the unknown. Throughout the entire process, I am a lawyer who keeps you informed. I make sure you know and understand what has already happened, what is about to happen and what will happen. The more you know, the more prepared you are. And the more prepared you are, the better you can handle the proceedings of your case.



Call me now at: (905) 452-1833

The anatomy of a trial

Once you make your decision:

I review disclosure (the evidence against you), research the case law and meet with the crown attorney on your case specifically. Ultimately, I arrive at a complete legal opinion that I formally present to you.

In the meantime:

I guide you through the necessary steps to reclaim your licence during the trial waiting period. Once I am officially retained, my office attends every one of your court appearances (typically there are three to four prior to your trial date in Brampton). You will not be required to attend these appearances, meaning your time can be better spent going to school or work or meeting family obligations.

Before trial:

We meet again to prepare you for examination, cross-examination, code of conduct, appropriate dress and everything in between in order to ensure that you are 100% ready for your trial date.

Gaining confidence

It won’t be long before you see that there is every reason to fight your case, to persevere and to go to trial with the utmost confidence. My job is to make sure you come to this realization. Although you may be fearful initially, as I educate, guide and counsel you through the steps, you will find that as the days go on, my DUI advice makes you more and more prepared for what is to come.

  • As one of the top five lawyers in the industry, I have had the opportunity to defend high profile clients including professional athletes, doctors, lawyers and even veteran police officers
  • Other lawyers in the field refer clients to me and often reach out for help in the defence of their own cases
  • Over the years, I have created lasting relationships with judges, crowns and industry experts
  • I always work hard for my clients and I am committed to upholding the high success rates I have come to be known for

Analyzing Your Case

I have 25 years of experience under my belt. In the legal profession, after 10 years, lawyers can apply to become judges. Although this was not my chosen career route, my Brampton DUI experience gives me the ability to think in depth about your case as though I were a judge. And this is incredibly powerful because it enables me to determine the best theory of the defence, and in turn, the best way to proceed. As I craft the case for your defence, I ask myself, “If I were the judge ruling on this, would I accept this as a defence?” – and if the answer is no, I go back to the drawing board until the answer is yes.

Crafting Affordable and Personalized Plan of Action

Your case is about you. It is about finding a way to address your most pressing concerns and to make sure you do not end up losing what is most important to you – be it your employment, travel, driver’s licence or freedom. I take your personal lifestyle requirements into careful consideration as I provide highly valuable DUI advice and develop a defence to suit your needs. Our plan of action will be calculated, strategic and devised for success.